2009 Kentucky Music Educators Association (KMEA) All-State High School Choirs (SSA, TTBB, SATB)
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Album ID - 8171-MCD

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DR. KENNETH FULTON, CONDUCTOR Listen to a Jubilant Song/T. Sarsany - Deus In Adjutorium/J. Pachelbel - Calm, on the Listening Ear of Night/R. Clausen - Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing/Traditional/arr. M. Willberg - The Word Was God/R. Powell ALL-STATE SSAA CHORUS DR. MEG HULLEY FRAZIER, CONDUCTOR Pueri hebraeorum/R. Thompson - She Weeps Over Rahoon/E. Whitacre - Ave Maria/D. MacIntyre - In Remembrance/E. Daley - Eu e voce/arr. J. E. Hughes - Alleluia from Songs of Faith/P. Basler ALL-STATE TTBB CHORUS DR. JONATHAN REED, CONDUCTOR Zion�s Walls/arr. A. Copland - Ave Maria/J. Arcadelt - O Scarum Convivium/L. da Viadana - Reconciliation/S.Chatman - Stars I shall find/D. Dickau - Hold On!/arr. U. Brown - Kpanlongo/arr. D. Beme