2008 NYSSMA NEW YORK STATE SCHOOL MUSIC ASSOC. All-State Wind Ensemble and Symphonic Band
Group Name
Album ID - 8221-MCD

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ALL-STATE WIND ENSEMBLE JOHN LYNCH, CONDUCTOR The Star Spangled Banner/arr. J. Stamp- Windsprints/R. Saucedo-Symphony No. 6/V. Persichetti-I. Adagio - Allegro-II. Adagio sostenuto-III. Allegretto-IV. Vivace Strange Humors/J. Mackey ALL-STATE SYMPHONIC BAND TIMOTHY MAHR, CONDUCTOR Mother Earth/D. Maslanka-Color/B. Margolis-Stanes Morris-Stingo-Daphne-Argeers-The Slip- Sanctuary/F. Ticheli-Noble Element/T. Mahr