2009 WASBE Cincinnati, USA: July 6th Repertoire Session - Brazil Wind Orchestra
Group Name Brazil Wind Orchestra
Conductor Dario Sotelo
Event 2009 WASBE
Album ID - 8476-MCD

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1. Introduction to Clinic
2. Excerpt from Abertura Academica
3. Introduction to Suite Guanabara
4. Suite Guanabara: Excerpt from I. Dobrado
5. Suite Guanabara: Excerpt from II. Modinha
6. Discussion by Linda Merrick
7. Comments by Dario Sotelo
8. Introduction to Braseijo
9. Braseijo: Excerpt from Tango
10. Braseijo: Excerpt from Samba
11. Introduction to Strava!
12. Excerpt from Strava!
13. Introduction to Suite No. 2 for Band
14. Suite No. for Band: Excerpt from I. Cantadoras
15. Suite No. for Band: Excerpt from II. Bambuco
16. Suite No. for Band: Excerpt from III. Pregon
17. Question and Answer