2009 WASBE Cincinnati, USA: July 10th Repertoire Session - Keystone Wind Ensemble
Group Name Keystone Wind Ensemble
Conductor Jack Stamp; Bradley Genevro
Guest Artists Gregg Gausline
Event 2009 WASBE
Album ID - 8480-MCD

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1. Introduction by Christopher Tucker
2. Gabrieli's Trumpet (Kt 19)
3. Introduction by Timothy Reynish
4. Elegy for Miles Davis
5. Introduction by Jack Stamp
6. Excerpts from 7
7. Introduction by Gregg Gausline
8. Odysseus and the Sirens
9. Introduction by Jack Stamp
10. Sasha Takes A Train
11. About the Keystone Wind Ensemble
12. Las Campanas (The Bells)
13. Introduction by Jack Stamp and Mark Scatterday
14. Suite from Mass: Excerpt I
15. Suite from Mass: Excerpt II
16. Suite from Mass: Excerpt III
17. Suite from Mass: Excerpt IV