2009 Midwest Clinic United States Coast Guard Band
Group Name
Album ID - 8543-MCD

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COMMANDER KENNETH W. MEGAN, DIRECTOR CHIEF WARRANT OFFICER RICHARD E. WYMAN, ASSISTANT DIRECTOR MALLORY THOMPSON, GUEST CONDUCTOR MUC JOSHUA C. THOMAS & MU1 LISA WILLIAMSON, SOLOISTS Celebration/E. Gregson - Star Spangled Banner/J. S. Smith/F. S. Key - March, op. 99/S. Prokofiev/arr. P. Yoder - III. Rondo alla Marcia: Allegro Brioso from Concerto for Alto Saxophone and Wind Orchestra/I. Dahl - Huldigungsmarsch/R. Wagner/arr. W. A. Schaefer - Recoil/J. Schwantner - Three Cabaret Songs (Song of Black Max (As told by the de Kooning Boys), Waitin�, Amor)/W. Bolcom/A. Weinstein/arr. MUC I. Frenkel - Yiddish Dances (I. Khosidl, II. Terkishe, III. Doina, V. Freylachs)/A. Gorb - Stars and Stripes Forever/J. P. Sousa - Service Medley/arr. D. Sandidge