Music for Percussion
Group Name Domenico E. Zarro, percussion
Event Percussion
Album ID - 8583-MCD

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1. Alpine Slide
2. The Jury
3. Just For The Funk of It
4. Ain't It Rich
5. Toccata from Toccata and Fugue in D Minor
6. Rondo
7. The Conquering Legions of Rome
8. Cider Jug
9. Music For Percussion: E-Book

This percussion teaching aid is both an audio CD and e-book.

I have received the CD and listened to it. I think you have done an excellent job of presenting it and producing it. It is a valuable addition to the percussion community and will help many teachers and young students to get acquainted with not only the music but the writers as well...(John Beck)

I received, viewed and listened to Music For Percussion, your wonderful contribution to the field of percussion. Your performances are expert to the extreme; the drum set solos made me smile broadly! I'm sure both teachers and students will find the entire presentation most informative and enlightening. If you haven't already done so, please be sure to send a copy to PAS for review...(Murray Houllif)

This excellent e-book and recording is subtitled, A Look at the Life and Music of John H. Beck, Murray Houllif, James L. Moore and John S. Pratt. The e-book and recorded performances are by Dr. Domenico E. Zarro who earned a Doctor of Education featuring percussion from Columbia University in New York. He is a practicing music teacher and performer in the greater metropolitan area of New Jersey. Dr. Zarro has presented at conferences of the Music Educators National Conference and written articles for the National Association of College Wind and Percussion Instructors Journal, edited by Dr. Richard Weerts in Missouri. This important publication covers professional biographies of the four subjects, as well as the performance of eight musical publications of the subjects. The well performed music includes a J.S. Bach Toccata, rudimental snare drum composition and timpani composition, presented to the listener with studio quality performance. The dynamic contrast on timpani is especially good, the marimba speaks well at all ranges, and the snare drum music is well articulated with the proper amount of resonance and good tone. The subjects were interviewed for the book, and this fine publication includes good bibliography. Highly recommended. - Dr. Geary H. Larrick

Congratulations on a very fine addition to percussion pedagogy. I enjoyed reading the bios and interviews of the 4 authors and listening to your performances. You obviously put a lot of time and work into compiling these materials. The layout is very good and well organized for easy reference. The visual presentation in the pdf is clear and attractive. Your interview questions are very good and I found the extensive answers by the authors the most interesting... You present a nice human portrait of each author through the interviews and this should be valuable to researchers, and your annotated analysis should be very helpful to students and future performers of the works. You chose good representative works for each composer and the quality of the recordings are very good. Again, congratulations on a fine addition to percussion pedagogy. (Gary Cook, Retired Professor of Percussion - University of Arizona, Timpanist – Tucson Symphony, Former President Percussive Arts Society).