2010 Kentucky Music Educators Association KMEA All-State High School Choirs (SSA,TTBB,SATB)
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Album ID - 8661-MCD

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MORNA EDMUNDSON, CONDUCTOR Scarborough Fair/Traditional English/arr. S. Smith - Salut Printemps/C. Debussy - Psalm 23 from Psalm Trilogy/S. I. Glick/ed. J. A. Bartle - Magnificat/C. Donkin - Gloria from Mass No. 6/G. Orbán ALL-STATE TTBB CHORUS GABRIEL CROUCH, CONDUCTOR El Yivneh Hagal Il/arr. P. Sozio - Simple Gifts/adpt. A. Copland/trans. I. Fine - Parismaalase Lauluke (Aboriginal Song)/V. Tormis - Ühte laulu tahaks laulda from Kaksikpühendus/V. Tormis - Tshotsholoza/Traditional South African/arr. J. Ames - Myfanwy (Arabella)/J. Parry/arr. D. W. Edwards - What Do We Do with the Drunken Sailor/English Sea Shanty/arr. A. Parker/R. Shaw ALL-STATE SATB CHORUS DR. BRAD HOLMES, CONDUCTOR Gloria/R. Bass - Swell The Full Chorus from Solomon/G. F. Handel/ed. B. Holmes - A Jubilant Song/N.D. Joio - I Am In Need of Music/words: E. Bishop/music: D. Brunner - Daniel In the Lion Den/P. Caldwell/S. Ivory