2010 Kentucky Music Educators Assoc KMEA All-State Symphony Orch & All-State Commonwealth Orch-CD
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Album ID - 8663-MCD

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JEFF TURNER, CONDUCTOR III. March from A Moorside Suite/G. Holst/arr. D. Wright/ed. G. Brand - The Red Pony/A. Copland/arr. E. Morales - Irish Tune from County Derry/P. A. G. - Concerto Grosso for String Orchestra (I. Intrada, V. March and Reprise)/R. V. Williams - Por Una Cabeza (Tango)/C. Gardel - Suite for Strings (III. O waly waly, I. A-Roving)/J. Rutter ALL-STATE SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA WILLIAM LARUE JONES, CONDUCTOR Overture from Candide/L. Bernstein - Komm Susser Tod/J. S. Bach/arr. L. Stokowski - IV. Finale from Symphony No. 5/D. Shostakovich