2010 Kentucky Music Educators Association KMEA All-State Childrens, Jr. HS Treble & Mixed Choirs-CD
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Album ID - 8665-MCD

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CHERYL DUPONT, CONDUCTOR Alleluia, O Come and Praise the Lord/J. S. Bach/arr. J. Hill - Metsa Telegramm (The Wood Pecker’s Warning)/U. Naisoo - Ani Ma’amin/Traditional Jewish Song/arr. P. Caldwell & S. Ivory - Child of Tomorrow/M. Patterson - Get on Board!/Traditional Spiritual/arr. P. Caldwell and S. Ivory - Bowling Green/Appalachian Folksong/arr. N. Page JUNIOR HIGH TREBLE CHORUS LYNN GACKLE, CONDUCTOR Resonet in Laudibus/Z. R. Stroope - Will there Really be a “Morning”?/C. H. Johnson - Sanctus from the Mass for Many Nations/R. Lang - Still wie die Nacht/C. Bohm/arr. S. Porterfield - He Never Failed Me Yet/R. Ray/arr. D. Collins - Peace on Earth... and lots of little crickets/O. Twigge and P. Carey JUNIOR HIGH MIXED CHORUS JUDY BOWERS, CONDUCTOR Come Travel With Me/S. Farthing - O Praise The Mighty Lord from Joshua/G.F. Handel/ed. & arr. P. M. Liebergen - Sahayta/B. Allaway - The River Sleeps Beneath the Sky/M. L. Lightfoot/text: P. L. Dunbar - Jinny, Git Around/Folk Song/arr. N. B. Garris