2010 ACDA East High School Mens & Jazz Honor Choirs
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HIGH SCHOOL MEN�S HONOR CHOIR JERRY BLACKSTONE, CONDUCTOR In exitu Israel/G. B. Grazioli/ed. M. Banner - Blow Ye The Trumpet/K. Mechem - Rondes/F. Rabe - If music be the food of love/D. Dickau - Not while I�m around/S. Sondheim/arr. R. Page - Finale from The Gondoliers/Sir A. S. Sullivan/A. T. Davison HIGH SCHOOL JAZZ HONOR CHOIR SHERYL MONKELIEN, CONDUCTOR Boplicity/arr. K. Marcy - Save Your Love For Me/arr. V. Singh - You Are My Sunshine/arr. D. Cross - Open Your Eyes, You Can Fly/arr. V. Singh - Yes Indeed/arr. N. Wallen