2010 ACDA East Hamburg HS Concert Chorale and Roxbury HS Classic Sounds Honors-CD
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Album ID - 8701-MCD

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HAMBURG HIGH SCHOOL CONCERT CHORALE NORMAN ZOGAIB, DIRECTOR Sing a Mighty Song/w: J. Griner/m: D. Gawthrop - Sweetheart of the Sun/T. Hood/E. Barnum - Didn’t My Lord Deliver Daniel/M. Hogan - I Am Not Yours/w: S. Teasdale/m: Z. R. Stroope - I Thank You God/G. Walker/w: from “i thank you god for this amazing day” by E. E. Cummings ROXBURY CLASSIC SOUNDS HONORS LORRAINE LYNCH, DIRECTOR Hodie Christus Natus Est/Gregorian Chant Melody/arr. D. Fryling - Richte mich, Gott/F. Mendelssohn/ed. C. L. Fuller - Già Torna a Rallegrar L’aria e la Terra/L. Marenzio/ed. H. Schmidt - On the Mountain, On the Hill/O.P. Kolovski/ed. R.S. Beckwith - Every Night (When the Sun Goes Down)/Traditional Appalachian/G. Walker - This Little Light of Mine/Traditional Spiritual/arr. M. Hogan - Signs of the Judgement (Judgement Day)/Spiritual/arr. M. Butler