2010 ACDA East Univ. of Toronto MacMilan Singers and Syracuse Univ. Singers
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Album ID - 8702-MCD

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UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO MACMILLAN SINGERS DOREEN RAO, CONDUCTOR Kasar Mie La Gaji/A. Grau - Onekonoga/M. Sirett - II. Invocation from Shaman Songs/G. Kulesha - Jannilaul from Calendar Songs/V. Tormis - Cantata of Life (V. I Am the One, VI. Earth Brings Us Into Life/When I Rise Up)/I. Raminsh SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY SINGERS JOHN WARREN, CONDUCTOR, LILLIAN CHOI, ASSISTANT CONDUCTOR Salmo 150/E. Widmer - Stabat Mater/A. Caldara - Trois Chanson (I. Dieu! Qu�il la fait bon regarder, II. Quant j�ai ouy le tabourin, III. Yver, vous n�estes qu�un villain)/C. Debussy - I Am Not Yours/Z. R. Stroope- Twa Tanbou/S. Guillaume