2010 ACDA East Susquehanna Chorale and Harmonium Choral Society
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Album ID - 8704-MCD

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THE SUSQUEHANNA CHORALE LINDA L. TEDFORD, ARTISTIC DIRECTOR, FOUNDER & CONDUCTOR Make We Joy Now in this Fest/M. Archer - Five Hebrew Love Songs (I. Temuná (A Picture), II. Kalá kallá (Light Bride), III. Lárov (Mostly), IV. Éyze shéleg! (What Snow!), V. Rakút (Tenderness))/E. Whitacre - Bear Me Gently/K. Lange - Ain�t No Grave Can Hold My Body Down/arr. P. Caldwell/S. Ivory HARMONIUM CHORAL SOCIETY DR. ANNE MATLACK, ARTISTIC DIRECTOR Dide Ta Deo/Nigerian Folk Song/arr. U. Brown, Jr. - Cantate Domino/C. Monteverdi - There is No Age/E. Hill - Musicians Wrestle Everywhere/E. Carter - Before Too Long/M. A. Miller - My God is a Rock/arr. K. Berg