2010 Texas Music Educators Association (TMEA): Univ. of Texas Band
Group Name University of Texas Wind Ensemble
Conductor Jerry F. Junkin
Event 2010 TMEA
Album ID - 8756-MCD

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1. Symphony in B-flat: I. Moderately fast, with vigor
2. Symphony in B-flat: II. Andantino grazioso
3. Symphony in B-flat: III. Fugue: Rather broad
4. Trumpet Concerto in E-flat: I. Allegro con spirito
5. Trumpet Concerto in E-flat: II. Andante
6. Trumpet Concerto in E-flat: III. Rondo
7. Symphony for Winds and Percussion: I. Bright, then dark
8. Symphony for Winds and Percussion: II. Melancholy
9. Symphony for Winds and Percussion: III. Stomp