2010 Texas Music Educators Association (TMEA) Juan Sequin HS/Texas 2 Yr College Choir
Group Name
Album ID - 8778-MCD

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DR. PETER BAGLEY, CONDUCTOR Ave Maria from Quattro Pezzi Sacri/G. Verdi - The Battle of Jericho/arr. M. Hogan - Tribute to Caesar/A. Pärt - City Called Heaven/arr. J. Poelinitz - Lift Boy/B. Britten/w. R. Graves - Amor de mi Alma/Z. R. Stroope - Make Our Garden Grow from Candide/w. R. Wilbur/L. Bernstein/arr. R. Page JUAN SEGUIN HS CHAMBER CHOIR THOMAS J. RINN, DIRECTOR, JENNIFER PORTELE, ASSISTANT DIRECTOR Out of the Night/J. Tavener - Ödi Ödi/T. Song/arr. S. Hatfield - Vorspruch/H. Distler - Earth Song/F. Ticheli - Selections from Songs from Mantengo Folktales/text: J. Mbele/arr. P. Hamlin - O lux beatissima/H. Helvey - Twa Tanbou/text: L. M. Celestin/music: S. Guillaume