2010 Texas Music Educators Association (TMEA) Harlingen HS & Newman Smith Choir
Group Name
Album ID - 8780-MCD

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DENISE PITCOCK, DIRECTOR Dance Into the Day/M. Patterson - O Vos Omnes/T. L. de Victoria - Como Tú (Just Like You)/w: R. Dario/m: A. Grau - How Do I Love Thee/w: E. Browning/m: W. Boland - Dies Irae/G. Romano-Seraphicum/Z. R. Stroope - America from West Side Story/w: S. Sondheim/m: L. Bernstein NEWMAN SMITH HIGH SCHOOL A CAPPELLA CHOIR ROBIN BROCKWAY-NICHOLS, DIRECTOR Chanson on �Dessus le marché d�Arras� (I. Probable Monophonic Model, II. Chanson)/A. Willaert/ed. J. Erb - Prelude/O. Gjeilo - Petite et Accipietis/F. J. Haydn/ed. M. Banner - Where Your Bare Foot Walks/D. N. Childs - Terezin from Songs of Children/R. Convery - Lord, I Know I Been Changed/B. More/arr. J. Regin