2010 Texas Music Educators Association (TMEA) Rummel Creek Singers/Frisco All-City Choir
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Album ID - 8784-MCD

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RUMMEL CREEK SINGERS EMILY JONES, CO-FOUNDER/DIRECTOR Glory to God/G. Pergolesi/ed. M. Burkhardt - Yonder Come Day/arr. J. C. Tucker - The Moon/A. Beck - Can You Count the Stars/J. Willcocks - An Imaginary Landscape/S. Hinds - The Seasons of Rossetti/M. A. Williams - My Heart Soars/R. W. Henderson/ed. J. A. Bartle FRISCO ALL CITY CHOIR PAM MEIS, CONDUCTOR Jubilate, Alleluia/M. L. Lightfoot - Dance Of The Willow/V. Ebel-Sabo - The Old Carrion Crow/arr. M. Goetze - The Shanty Boys/arr. R. E. Dwyer - Pie Jesu/M. L. Lightfoot - Mary Had A Little Blues/C. A. Collins