2010 Texas Music Educators Association (TMEA) Spring ISD and Crowley ISD Elementary Honor Choirs
Group Name
Album ID - 8785-MCD

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SPRING ISD ELEMENTARY HONOR CHOIR KATIE PHILLIPS, DIRECTOR DERRICK GOSSETT, ASSISTANT DIRECTOR; EMILY BATCHELOR, ASSISTANT DIRECTOR Rise Up Singing/H. Purcell/arr. P. M. Liebergen - Two Stevenson Settings (I. The Moon, II. Pirate Story)/D. and J. Perry - Keep Your Lamps Trimmed and Burnin'/arr. G. Gilpin - Kyrie/G. Gilpin - Play For Me a Simple Melody/I. Berlin/arr. K. Shaw CROWLEY ISD ELEMENTARY HONOR CHOIR KATHY CHILES, DIRECTOR NANCY OLSON, ASSISTANT DIRECTOR; GLYNDA CLARK, ASSISTANT DIRECTOR Cantate Hodie!/M. L. Lightfoot - Little Firefly/L. E. Schultz - The Merry, Merry Heart (Some Folks)/S. C. Foster/arr. K. Aamot - When I Am Silent/J. C. Varner - Startin' To Rain/H. Frombach and V. T. Courtney - Sehnsucht nach dem Frulinge/W. A. Mozart/arr. A. Ramsey - Sing, Sing, Sing/L. Prima/arr. P. Kern