2010 ACDA West All Arizona Choir-CD
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DR. WILLIAM HATCHER, CONDUCTOR King David/A. Honegger Part I Introduction - The Song of David, the shepherd - Psalm: “All Praise to Him” - Fanfare and Entry of Goliath - Song of Victory - Psalm: “In the Lord I put my faith” - Psalm: “O, had I wings like a dove” - Song of the Prophets (Psalm: “Pity me, Lord”, Psalm: “God the Lord shall be my light”, Incantation of the Witch of Endor, March of the Philistines, Lament of Gilboa, The Dance before the Ark) Part II (Song: “Now my voice in song up-soaring”, Song of the Handmaid, Psalm of Penitence, Psalm: “Behold in evil I was born”, Psalm: “Oh, shall I raise my eyes?”, The Song of Ephraim, March of the Hebrews, Psalm: “Thee will I Love, o Lord”, Psalm: “In my distress”, The Crowning of Solomon, The Death of David)