All Babies Cherished! (Children Singing Lullabies for Children)
Group Name ABC Bel Canto Choir; Buffalo Niagara Youth Chorus
Conductor Sue Fay Allen; John Fleischman
Album ID - 8810-MCD

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1. Hush Little Baby
2. Sweet & Low
3. Now I Walk in Beauty
4. The Riddle
5. Suo Gan
6. Our Favorite Lullabies
7. Irish Lullaby
8. Manx Lullaby
9. An Irish Blessing
10. The Castle of Dromore
11. Sim Shalom
12. When I Lay Me Down to Sleep
13. Wordless Lullaby
14. Cape Breton Lullaby
15. Due- rmete Mi Nin- o
16. Alleluia Amen
17. Little Lamb from Mass of the Children
18. Jenny Rebecca

Rocking and singing to a baby is one of the most nurturing things a new parent can do, and establishes a foundation of trust. Our Choirs are trying to reach out to newborn babies and their parents to help give babies a healthy and loving start in life. Every baby should hear sounds of children singing! The selected melodies are suitable for parents to hum or sing to their babies. Do it Often! These musical sounds are important at this stage in their lives as children should begin to make singing sounds early. We hope this CD provides the newborn with a source of beauty, and with a foundation for further development and musical appreciation. Music can make that difference , and this CD has that potential. The success of this Lullaby CD will be measured in years to come when children are better nurtured, better able to respond to their parents, and often better able to sing! Sue Fay Allen, director ABC Choirs & John Fleischman, director Buffalo-Niagara Youth Choir.