2010 Florida Music Educators Association (FMEA) Middle School Honors and All-State Orchestras-CD
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Album ID - 8812-MCD

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DAVID ECCLES, CONDUCTOR Star Spangled Banner/F. S. Key/J. S. Smith/arr. S. Dackow - Alla Rustica from Concerto in G Major/A. Vivaldi/arr. S. Dackow - The Arethusa/T. O’Carolan/arr. D. Monday - Nañigo for String Orchestra and Optional Drums/T. Sharp - Red Lodge Reel/P. Ostroushko/arr. B. Phillips - Iowa Spring for String Orchestra/P. Seitz - Danza Final from Estancia/A. Ginastera/arr. R. Longfield ALL-STATE MIDDLE SCHOOL ORCHESTRA BOB PHILLIPS, CONDUCTOR Jig from St. Paul’s Suite/G. Holst - Ave Maria/Caccini/arr. Turner - Dublin/B. Phillips - Cincopations/R. Meyer