2010 Florida Music Educators Association (FMEA) All-State Mens Chorus and Womens Chorus
Group Name
Album ID - 8818-MCD

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JOHN SINCLAIR, CONDUCTOR The Star Spangled Banner/F. S. Key/J. S. Smith - Brothers, Sing On!/E. Grieg/arr. H. McKinney - Der Herr Segne Euch (May God Smile on You)/J. S. Bach - The God who gave us life from Testament of Freedom/R. Thompson - Were You There?/Traditional/arr. J. Ray - Poor Lonesome Cowboy/arr. N. Luboff - Don�t Fence Me In/C. Porter/arr. P. Hagemann - My Eternal King/J. Marshall ALL-STATE WOMEN�S CHORUS CARA TASHER, CONDUCTOR The Star Spangled Banner/F. S. Key/J. S. Smith - Lauliku lapsepõli (The Songster�s Childhood)/Estonian Folksong/arr. V. Tormis- Tota pulchra es/M. Durufle - IV. Winter from Seasons of Love/E. Daley - Return to Joy/S. Hopkins - Mbiri kuna mwari/L. R. Kessman - Witness/P. Caldwell/S. Ivory ALL-STATE WOMEN�S CHORUS & ALL-STATE SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA Gott ist mein Hirt/F. Schubert/arr. J. Rutter/P. L. van Dijk