2010 MIDWEST CLINIC - The Presidents Own United States Marine Band
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Album ID - 9171-MCD

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�THE PRESIDENT�S OWN� UNITED STATES MARINE BAND COLONEL MICHAEL J. COLBURN, DIRECTOR CAPTAIN MICHELLE A. RAKERS, ASSISTANT DIRECTOR March, �A Century of Progress�/J. P. Sousa - Overture to The Bartered Bride/B. Smetana/trans. MSgt D. Patterson - Passage/S. Lindroth - Awake, You Sleepers! (I. Tekiah, II. Shevarim, III. Teruah)/L. Bitensky - Suite from The Firebird (I. Introduction, II. Dance of the Firebird, III. Dance of the Princess, IV. Infernal Dance of King Kastchei, V. Berceuse and Finale)/I. Stravinsky/trans. T. Knox