2010 MIDWEST CLINIC - Texas A&M University Wind Symphony-CD
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Album ID - 9178-MCD

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TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY WIND SYMPHONY TIMOTHY RHEA, CONDUCTOR; TRAVIS ALMANY, ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR, JAMES KEENE, PAULA CRIDER & JOHN WHITWELL, GUEST CONDUCTORS La Tragenda (The Witches Dance from LeVilli)/G. Puccini/ed. R. Foster - Hymn to a Blue Hour/J. Mackey - Fuse/R. Smith - Spangled Heavens (I. Holy Manna, II. Restoration, III. Sweet Canaan)/D. Grantham - Mystic Call/K. L. King/ed. T. Rhea - My Faith Looks Up to Thee/T. Rhea - Tribute to Rudy Wiedoeft (I. Valse Erica, II. Saxarella, III. Saxophobia)/arr. G. Schuller - Dionysiaques/F. Schmitt - IV. Convention of the Cordials from People Who Live in Glass Houses/J. P. Sousa/ed. J. Bourgeois