2011 WASBE Chiayi City, Taiwan: Convention Highlights (Taiwan Tribute)
Group Name WASBE 2011s Greatest
Event 2011 WASBE
Album ID - 9601-MCD

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Disc 1

1. I. The Cheerful Shouting from Tongku Saveq
2. A Symphonic Poem (Taiwan)
3. Fu Mon (Original Version)
4. Danse du Phenix
5. Rest
6. Dream Sun on the Sea
7. IV. Allegro from Serenade No. 12 in c minor, K. 388/384a
8. Cantos Populares Portugueses, Op. 105

Disc 2

1. Urban Soundscape
2. Funeral Music for Queen Mary
3. II. Recitative: Slow - Fast from Symphony No. 1 for wind band Solitude Standing
4. I Hear Him!
5. Wind For Wind Ensemble
6. Totem Pole from Wind Orchestra
7. II. Kublai from Marco Polo, the Cathy Years
8. March from Symphony No. 2