Magic Tubas
Group Name The Tubas Unlimited
Conductor R. Winston Morris
Event Tuba Ensemble
Album ID - 9608-MCD

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1. Clair
2. Where Is Love
3. London By Night
4. Indian Summer
5. Emily
6. Yesterday
7. Fool On The Hill
8. Autumn In New York
9. April In Paris
10. Try To Remember
11. Michelle
12. Here, There & Everywhere
13. Killing Me Softly
14. One More Time, Chuck Corea

The Tuba's Unlimited is a tribute to the great Gene Puerling and The Singers Unlimited. Only the Tuba/Euphonium Ensemble could reproduce the pure clear vocal tones and sonorities of these acapella giants. Transcribed and perfectly scored by Joe Murphy, this ensemble, swings and offers us the opportunity to truly enjoy the charts. This studio project is comprised of the finest Tuba Euphonium performers in the USA.

I just listened to your cd... it is just Wonderful! So beautifully arranged and performed... Congratulations to everyone involved, and big thanks to you for putting together such a unique and musically excellent tribute to The Singers Unlimited... I know for sure that Gene would just love it. The tubas sound beautiful... What a treat this is! - All the best, Bonnie Herman

OMG... it's so great... Joe Murphy did an exceptional job of transcribing the charts... my goodness... very sweet and so thoughtful of you all to pay tribute to Gene's arranging and the rest of us performing them... Gene would have loved this so much. (the Tuba/Euphoniums) create such... very warm gorgeous 'sounds'. Thanks so much! - Don Shelton