The Music of Greg Danner, Vol. 1: Walls of Zion
Group Name The United States Air Force Band of Mid-America; Tennessee Tech Symphony Band; Rutgers Wind Ensemble; Drake University Winds
Conductor Donald E. Schofield; Joseph W. Hermann; William Berz; Robert Meunier
Event Composer Series
Album ID - 9651-MCD

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1. Of Thee I Sing
2. Tuba Concerto: I. Excursion
3. Tuba Concerto: II. For Bobbie
4. Tuba Concerto: III. Caprice
5. Walls of Zion
6. Slide Ride
7. Nebula: I. Rosette (Prism of the Heavens)
8. Nebula: II. Trifid (The Dancer)
9. Nebula: III. Orion (Crucible of Creation)