A Matter of Seconds
Group Name William Stowman, trumpet; Ya-Ting Chang, piano; Messiah College Chamber Orchestra
Conductor Timothy Dixon
Event Trumpet
Album ID - 9654-MCD

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1. Siciliano from Sonata
2. Rather Slowly and with Freedom from Sonata
3. Adagio from Concerto in Eb
4. Adagio Night Song from Sonata
5. Adagio Festive from Concerto
6. Andante Sostenuto from Concerto
7. Andante from Concerto in Eb
8. Recitative and Aria from Sonata (The Tempest)
9. Adagio from Concerto
10. Andante con esspressione from Sonata
11. La Grace from Douze Marches Heroique
12. Andante from Concerto
13. Larghetto from Concerto for Two Trumpets
14. Aria from Sonata
15. Adagio from Concerto in c minor for Oboe