Group Name The Backburner Tuba and Euphonium Collective
Album ID - 56270-MCD

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Introduction of Project

The Backburner Tuba and Euphonium Collective was created in 2018 by Clayton Maddox, Matthew Mireles, and Kimiko Yamada-Maddox. The overall mission of the Backburner Tuba-Euphonium Collective is to create a professional model for the Tuba-Euphonium Ensemble. The purpose of this is to inspire younger audiences, specifically aspiring collegiate low-brass students, to perform difficult repertoire, advance the musicality of the performers, and bolster the continuity and reputation of the instruments. This recording encompasses all aspects of Backburners mission by presenting an eclectic lineup of music from a diverse group of composers. Backburners debut album represents this eras relentless pursuit of creating an environment which fosters diversity and inclusivity. This is reflected in both the ensembles personnel and choice of repertoire.

1. Ignition

A Little Monster Music
2. I. Hydra
3. II. Nessie
4. III. Fafner
5. IV. St. George and the Dragon

6. IET Fanfare
7. Contra
8. Adagio

Quartet for Tubas
9. I. Allegro
10. II. Andante
11. III. Vivo

12. Overture from La Forza del Destino